Ancestry Chart of Glenn Luttrell
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abt. 29.  Sir Geoffrey Luttrell
m. Frethesant Paynell
d. 1216/1217
21.  John Luttrell

20.  Robert Luttrell
Luttrellstown, County Dublin, Ireland
d. 1437

19.  Christopher Luttrell
Luttrellstown, County Dublin, Ireland
d. 1454

18.  Thomas Luttrell
b. 1435    m. Ellen Bellew
Luttrellstown, County Dublin, Ireland

17.  Richard Luttrell
m. Margaret FitzLyon
Luttrellstown, County Dublin, Ireland

16. Sir Thomas Luttrell
Luttrellstown, County Dublin, Ireland
Chief Justice of the Common Pleas in Ireland
m. (1) Anne Alymer    m. (2) Elizabeth Bathe
d. 1554


Possible alternate lineage, at left, for generations between Sir Thomas Luttrell (16) and Richard Luttrell (11)

15.  Robert Luttrell
m. Elizabeth Rochfort
d.  1594/95  Tankardstown,
County Meath, Ireland

14.  Richard Luttrell
m. Anne Cusack
d. 1633  Tankardstown,
County Meath, Ireland

13.  James Luttrell
d. 1660  barber/surgeon, Dublin

12.  James Luttrell
b. ca. 1650 Ireland
m. Susanna Tullos
d. 1698  Northumberland Co., Virginia


11.  Richard Luttrell
(son of James, the immigrant, or 
Robert, the immigrant?)
b. 1685    m. Mary Dermont
d. 1766  Fauquier Co., Virginia

10.  Michael Luttrell
b. 1720
m. Dinah ______
d. 1778  Fauquier Co., Virginia

9.  Richard Luttrell
m. Nancy Rains
d. 1815  Adair Co., Kentucky

8.  Thomas Luttrell
b. 1784
m. Tabitha Rutherford
d. 1841  Morgan Co., Illinois

7.  John Rutherford Luttrell
b. 1810 Adair Co., Kentucky
m. Margaret Alice Duncan
d. 1900 Morgan Co., Illinois

6.  James Monroe Luttrell
b. 1839/41 Morgan Co., Illinois
m. Mary Ann Ward

5.  Lewis Palmer Luttrell
b. 1862
m. (1) Kate Katherine Brown  1888
m. (2) Ann Chelette abt. 1924
Goose Creek, Harris Co., Texas
d. 1947

4. Claude Atherton Luttrell, Sr.
b. 1894
m. Laura Estelle Hammett  1929
d. 1941

3. Claude Atherton Luttrell, Jr.
b. 1930  d. 2011
m. (1) Oreatha Saterfiel  b. 1930  d. 2012
m. (2) Llewellen Adams George  d. Aug 15, 1994

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"Dominus Galfridus Louterell me fieri fecit"
"The Lord Geoffrey Luttrell
caused me to be made"

"The Luttrell Psalter", Copyright 1989 The British Library Board
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Luttrellstown Castle, Dublin, Ireland
St. Mary's Church at Clonsilla, near Luttrellstown, where Sir Thomas Luttrell and many of his descendants are buried.
Simon Luttrell 
(son of Sir Thomas Luttrell - #15)
b. bef. 1554  d. 1597 per WILL (Index of Prerog...)
m. (1) _____Gaydon 
m. (2) Elizabeth Finglas
Luttrellstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Sir Thomas Luttrell
b.    d. Nov 1634  buried Clonsilla
m. (1) Eleanor Cheevers 
(dau. of John Cheevers)
m. (2) Alison _________
(dau. of Nicholas ____,
21st Baron of Howth)
Luttrellstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Simon Luttrell 
b. 1600 d. abt 1650
Luttrellstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Robert Luttrell
immigrated to America, 
abt 1690 - 1706
m. Anne Preston
3 sons - Richard (would be same
as #11 at right), Thomas, Simon
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